Production of packaging materials for Private Label

For more than 10 years, Terra Pack has been providing the service of manufacturing products under the customer’s private brand.

A high-quality product at an acceptable price under private brand is one of the popular business development trends.

This allows the customer to use time-tested and customer-tested products selling them under their own brand without the risks borne by the manufacturer

Why do customers choose a private label from Terra Pack?

  1. Guarantee of quality product
  • Successful experience in the production of polymer packaging.
  • Compliance of products with specifications.
  • We have all the capabilities, production capacity and experience to create own brands for more than 50 companies.
  1. Profitability and a better price for your customer

You regulate the price yourself as you purchase products on favorable terms of industrial procurement. The profitability is normally higher with the TM sale.

III. Individual orders

Production capacity and modern equipment of Terra Pack provides an opportunity to produce individual orders according to your wishes.

Attracting regular customers

Your product will be recognized by customers and distinguished from among competitors’ products. This attracts regular customers enabling the development of loyalty among them.

Strengthening your company’s brand

Own trademark strengthens your company’s brand and improves product culture within your teams.

Questions and answers
How can I explore the samples of Terra Pack products?

Product samples can be examined at the central office/branches of Terra Pack; the other way is to order delivery by courier services.

What is the delivery time for finished products starting from the first request for Private Label cooperation?

Between one and two months.

What is the delivery time for finished products in case of cooperation on a permanent basis?

Between two and ten working days.

Can Terra Pack develop a trademark from scratch?

Yes. We provide marketing support: from trademark name to logo to label design. Our customer gets their own trademark. Please contact our managers for detailed information.

Ask a question about Private Label
Write to us, and our managers will promptly respond.