Polypropylene tape

Product description:

Polypropylene  tape is a popular economical tool for palletizing, packing, storing and transporting various goods.

PP strap has the ability to stretch without changing its width, which simplifies and speeds up work with packaged products in warehouses.

PP packing strap is perfect for packing corrugated containers, paper, and printed products.

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Polypropylene tape – purpose

Polypropylene tape is used:

  • in industry: furniture, paper, chemical, cosmetic, printing, etc.
  • in warehouse management
  • in construction


  • for reliable and tight binding of groups of goods during palletizing
  • to prevent shifting/damage of cargo during transportation (hence – to save money)
  • to stabilize or distribute the load on the pallet
  • to provide form for further stacking/lining up
  • for tying and binding boxes

Polypropylene tape is manufactured using modern technologies for the use:

  • manually
  • with automatic tools
  • with semi-automatic tools

You can buy tape at Terra-Pack’s Head office or regional offices.

Product parameters
Product name: Polypropylene tape
Class of tape Width, mm Thickness, mm Length, km Color
standart 9 0,55  4,0
standart 9 0,63 3,5
standart 12 0,6 2,5
standart 12 0,8 2,0
standart 16 0,8 1,5
standart 16 1,0 1,3
standart 19 0,9 1,0
premium 16 0,8 1,5
premium 16 1,0 1,3
premium 19 0,9 1,0


  • any color of your choice


  • polypropylene tape is fully recyclable
  • consists of artificial polymers that do not emit harmful substances

We recommend:

  • packing using a special packing tool, a manual strap tensioner
  • the main function of the strap tensioner is tensioning and trimming of polymer straps in the process of winding goods