Easy mask film with masking tape

Product description:

Easy mask film  with masking tape “easy fixing” on a paper base is ideal for covering equipment, furniture, walls, floors, windows, doors, etc.

The protective film is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that allows it to cling tightly to the surface thereby reliably protecting it against the penetration of unwanted substances



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It helps protect surfaces (floors, walls, windows, household items, etc.) quickly during repair work from:

  • moisture
  • construction mixtures
  • paints, varnishes, dust
  • mud, other pollution.

Easy to use:

  • the roll fits easily in your palm,
  • simple and fast unfolding,
  • it takes a few minutes to cover a large area,
  • due to the masking tape included to the set, it is very easy to attach it to any surface,
  • after the work, the film can be removed quickly and does not leave traces of glue after application.
Product parameters
Product name: Easy mask film with masking tape
Width protective film, mmWidth masking tape, mmLength of a roll of film, m


  • do not contain toxic substances
  • 100% recyclable
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