Bubble wrap bags

Bubble wrap bags – product description:

Bubble wrap bags, slats of bubble wrap – affordable packaging. Can be used with both food and non-food products.

Packaging bags (with a soldered bottom of 20 mm):

  • without valve
  • with valve

Bubble wrap bags with a valve can be:

  • with adhesive tape
  • without adhesive tape

To protect valuable/fragile items during transport/transfer/shipping from:

  • damage
  • vibrations
  • moisture
  • dust and dirt
  • exposure to cold/warm air

You can buy bubble wrap bags at Terra-Pack’s Head Office or Regional Offices.

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Bubble wrap bags – purpose

Packages, slats of bubble wrap are used:

  • for dishes
  • for souvenirs
  • for fragile items
  • for small equipment
  • for electronic devices
  • for spare parts and other goods


Product parameters
Product name: Bubble wrap bags


The total thickness of the two-layer film, micronThe total thickness of the three-layer film, micronMinimum parameters, cmMaximum parameters, cmColor
45 from 10 х 10 cm up to 100 х 148cm
50 from 10 х 10 cmup to 100 х 148cm
55from 10 х 10 cmup to 100 х 148cm
65from 10 х 10 cmup to 100 х 148cm
9090from 10 х 10 cmup to 100 х 148cm
  • bubble wrap bags for multiple use
  • do not contain toxic substances
  • 100% recyclable
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