Advantages of branded tape

Adhesive tape with a logo (branded tape) is a packaging adhesive tape on which an image is applied in the form of a corporate symbol, contact information, product information or a warning (Caution, Attention, Sale, etc.). Adhesive tape with a logo combines the properties of modern packaging material and a unique inexpensive advertising means, as a result of which your products become more recognizable, protected and informative.

Printing on adhesive tape

Adhesive tape with surface printing the image is applied to a specially prepared packing tape followed by a layer of protective varnish. This method is optimal for small batches and allows you to make orders quickly and inexpensively.

Adhesive tape with interlayer printing the image is applied to the film from the inside before applying the adhesive layer. It is impossible to erase the image applied to the inner side of the film. The term of production of adhesive tape with a logo using this technology is somewhat longer. However, it is possible to widely adjust the adhesion (sticking) and strength characteristics of the tape by choosing the appropriate thickness of the adhesive layer and the thickness of the polypropylene tape.

The minimum batch for printing is 2 boxes.

Printing – up to 3 different colors.

The term of printing on the tape is min 14 days from approval of the printing.

Printing on PP strap

Tying (packaging) products with brand strap is gaining popularity.

Advantages of branded PP strap:

  • contributes to the product awareness at the stages of transportation and warehouse storage;
  • prevents from getting lost among similar products of other companies.

Quick printing:

  • desiredinscriptions in Cyrillic or Latin,
  • phone numbers, website address or company e-mail, etc.
  • We print on 9-19 mm PP strap using a droplet marking device in one color: standard – black.

PP strap with printing: a text or a simple drawing is applied to pre-made strap coil of appropriate size and color, with the agreed height of symbols and the distance between the same type of messages, in 1 or 2 lines, on the inner or outer surface of the coiled strap.

The minimum batch when printing in black color is 1 coil.

Printing in other colors – upon agreement.

The term of printing on the strap is min 1 day.

Questions and answers
What is the minimum order for printed tape?

The minimum order of adhesive tape with a logo is 2 boxes.

By how much % does stretch/tape with individual printing on the collet become more expensive?

The increase in price is almost imperceptible compared to a standard collet. That said, you need to pay for offset paper and printing on it.

What colors, except black, are possible for application on PP strap?

Only black is available for quick, small-batch printing.

Is it possible to print on black PP strap?

White paint is required. Switching to another color is expensive, so such a switch can be made as an exception: when ordering printed strap on a regular basis and in large volumes.

Is printing on PP strap resistant to atmospheric phenomena?

Provisionally resistant. The print does not wash off in the rain. Under direct sunlight, any paint that is not covered with a protective layer loses its saturation over time.

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