Bubble wrap 2-layer

Bubble wrap 2-layer – product description:

Strong cushioning Bubble wrap 2-layer – the secret of the integrity of valuable/fragile goods during delivery!

Double layer bubble wrap is an aesthetic, high-quality packaging material.

Bubble wrap 2-layer:

  • the first layer – the lining – is a dense and flat layer of polyethylene
  • the second layer — bubble — is attached to the lining

All the bubbles are clearly demarcated, and therefore, in case of violation of the integrity of one of the bubbles, the others keep the air inside, providing general protective properties.

Can be used with both food and non-food products.

You can buy 2-layer Bubble wrap at Terra-Pack’s regional offices.

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Bubble wrap 2-layer – purpose

Protection of valuable/fragile items during transport/transfer/shipping from:

  • damage
  • vibrations
  • moisture
  • dust and dirt
  • exposure to cold/warm air

Supports consistent damping, thanks to which there is reliable protection against vibration and damage.

Bubble wrap 2-layer is used for protection and safe transportation:

  • in the pharmaceutical industry – packaging of pharmaceuticals
  • in the furniture industry
  • in the production/sale of glass structures
  • in the production/sale of household appliances/electrical appliances/tools
  • in the production/sale of automobile parts/components/accessories
  • in the production/sale of automobile parts/components/accessories
  • in electronics, instrument building, in the production of electrical equipment
  • in the shipbuilding industry – for packaging ships and components, including small (boats)
  • in the production of metal structures (roofing, facade materials, etc.)
  • for packing cosmetic/medical instruments
  • in the production of tools and equipment for various industries
  • when moving – for valuable and fragile things packing: (porcelain, antiques, etc.)
Product parameters
Product name: Bubble wrap 2-layer


Total thickness, micronWidht, mmLength, mColor
45100, 120, 150 см 100m
50100, 120, 150 см100m
55100, 120, 150 см100m
65100, 120, 150 см100m
90100, 120, 150 см100m


  • 50 linear meters for packaging
  • we produce bubble film wrap with other roll parameters (thickness: from 45 to 90 micron)
  • film of different colors


  • do not contain toxic substances
  • for multiple use
  • 100% recyclable
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