Hot melt packaging tape 44 micron

Hot melt packaging tape – product description:

Hot melt packaging tape, in comparison to the tape on an adhesive acrylic base, is characterized by:

  • increased frost resistance, a wider temperature regime of application
  • increased adhesive properties due to the features of the rubber adhesive layer and its thickness (17 μm and more)
  • increased tensile strength due to the thickness of the film base
  • increased gluing speed: 5-10 minutes for maximum strength

“Frost-resistant” or “winter” adhesive tape is an adhesive tape with a Hot Melt rubber base (artificial rubber). Adhesive tape Hot Melt is a packaging adhesive tape of increased stickiness and strength.

These characteristics determine the relatively higher cost of packaging tape with a rubber base (Hot Melt). Such a price is justified, since Hot Melt tape reliably fixes and packs cargo in extreme temperature conditions, so the product will not be damaged, and there will be no financial losses.

You can buy Hot melt packaging tape at Terra-Pack’s Head office or regional offices.

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Hot melt packaging tape – purpose

Hot melt packaging tape is intended for use under extreme temperature conditions.

It provides reliable packaging or fastening, transportation and storage of items.

Hot Melt frost-resistant tape is divided into:

  • manual – for manual packaging or using a packaging dispenser (length from 50 to 300m)
  • machine – for automatic and semi-automatic lines (length 990 m (450 m)

Hot Melt packaging tape on a rubber base is used:

  • In industry and warehousing: ideal for use in working refrigerators, in warehouses with high humidity, in adverse weather conditions
  • In everyday life: reliably glues/tightly connects and protects against damage various surfaces

Ideal for use in the conditions of:

  • moderate dustiness
  • high humidity
  • low temperature (up to -10°C)
  • high temperature (up to +50°C)
Product parameters
Product name: Hot melt packaging tape 44 micron


Total thickness, micronFilm thickness, micronThe thickness of the adhesive layer, micronWidth, mmLength, mColor
44251945, 48, 66, 72 50, 60, 66, 100, 200, 300
Hot melt packaging tape customised:
  • length: from 10 m to 990 m

Usage conditions:

  • Hot Melt packing tape retains its adhesive properties in the temperature range from -10°C to +50°C
  • tape with a rubber adhesive base is most reliably glued after 24 hours after application
  • the shelf life of the tape is 5 years

Proper storage of frost-resistant tape will ensure the preservation of adhesive characteristics:

  • in a closed box
  • in a clean, well-ventilated area
  • with normal humidity
  • at room temperature
  • away from the sources of heat and light


Quantity in the package (PVC splice): 45, 48 mm wide – 6 pcs.; 66, 72 mm wide – 4 pcs.

We recommend sticking tape using a special packaging tool (tape dispenser) in order to:

  • reduce the tape usage
  • reduce the time of packing a product unit