Kraft tape

Kraft tape – product description:

Kraft tape:

  • paper tape with super strong adhesive properties and a pleasant appearance
  • aesthetic, strong and flexible
  • adhesive tape does not wrinkle when gluing, lays down in an even layer, firmly and reliably glues the necessary places
  • subject to 100% recycling

Brown paper packing tape used in Ukraine mainly by kraft manufacturers of cookies and other confectionery products.

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Kraft tape – purpose:

  • for packaging and sealing cargo
  • effectively seals boxes, easy to use
  • for packing and sending valuable goods: it is almost impossible to tear it off
Product parameters
Product name: Kraft tape


 total thickness, μm base adhesive layer width, mm length, m colour
    135 craft-paper  HOT-MELT 48  10, 15, 20, 30, 40
Kraft tape customised: 
  • Сustom tape by width from 18 mm to 400 mm
  • length 5 m

Usage conditions:

  • The shelf life is 5 years


We recommend sticking tape using a special packaging tool (tape dispenser) in order to:

  • reduce the tape usage
  • reduce the time of packing a product unit