Aluminum tape

Aluminum tape – product description:

Aluminum adhesive tape consists of foil covered with special acrylic glue. The protective layer is made of siliconized paper. Provides excellent thermal insulation, sealing during repair, installation and construction works. Strong and durable.

Resistant to:
  • water and fire
  • extreme thermal loads
  • ultraviolet and chemical exposure
  • lubricants, fats

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Aluminum tape – purpose

For internal and external use:

  • protects against steam penetration
  • reduces heat consumption
  • seals connecting seams of pipes, ducts, housings, nodes
  • glues joints and seams when installing reflective insulation
  • prevents corrosion

Aluminum tape ideal for the works related to:

  • sealing of ducts, pipelines
  • thermal insulation, sealing, protection, coating, insulation and repair of metal surfaces
  • gluing different surfaces (metal, glass, wood, waterproof objects)
  • heating devices and equipment
  • water and leaks (can handle water leaks)
  • repair, installation and construction


Product parameters
Product name: Aluminum tape


Total thickness, micronFilm thickness, micronThe thickness of the adhesive layer, micronWidth, mmLength, mColor
    40        25        15 48 10, 15, 20, 30, 40
Aluminum tape customised:
  • the tape width starts from 25 mm
  • lenght 5m

Usage conditions:

  • Aluminum tape with an ACRYLIC adhesive base is used  to +120°С
  • The shelf life of the tape is 5 years